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About us

Travelconnect Ltd is a Hong Kong base company . Our company develops a integrated travel solution platform “Travel Hub”.

“Travel Hub” provide a comprehensive “hub” function which allow travel agent to connect “Travel Connect” to perform shopping, ordering multi source and providing their own products to “Travel Connect” in simple way

Our Vision

Travel Connect Ltd aim to develop an integrated, handy, comprehensive and automated online platform - “Travel Hub”

“Travel Hub” assist supplier to upload their products in our automated system Products is easy to manage and easy to increase their liquidity. Agent can get various source of products information. Simple operation and common used API mode enable travel industry to provide or order products hence boost-up the competitiveness

“Travel Hub” – High compatibility, High diversification, High Flexibility. Lead the travel industry into new era

Why us

Industry experienced In-House Development and Supporting Team
Travel industry operation is much complex than expected. Travel connect Development and supporting team of travel connect have at least 5 years’ experience in both development and travel industry. Our industry experience assist client to have more efficient communication and know-how.

Travel connect Ltd have an in-house development and supporting team which provide a comprehensive and quality service in both operation and technical aspect

Innovation and stability
Travel connect adopt latest and common used technology (I.e. XML) which is compatible to latest development technology. Our technology is commonly deployable nowadays

What we do

Travel Connect develop a high-compatibility online platform – “Travel Hub”.
“Travel Hub” platform is highly compatible and east to deploy in the entire world. API

“Travel Hub” platform aim to provide a “hub” function to let supplier, travel agent to search, order, provide travel related product in easy way