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Frequent Asked Questions

Who are we?

TripOptimizer is a system specifically designed for the travel industry, harnessing technology and big data to enhance the profitability of travel agencies. We have developed essential technologies to support airlines, hotels, travel agencies, and tour operators. As the largest travel technology provider in Asia, we offer support to participants in the global travel industry, delivering the highest level of service and technological solutions to our clients in the travel sector, aiding their success in the industry.

What is our vision?

Our vision is to contribute to the development and rejuvenation of the travel industry, assisting it in adapting to the new normal brought about by the pandemic.

How can we help you?

We offer real-time availability, pricing, and detailed product information along with seamless API integration. We provide a wide range of accommodation options, flights, transportation services, tours, activity tickets, and insurance products. Our services cater to end customers through the B2C system, travel businesses through the B2B system, and corporate clients through the OBT system.

What travel products are available through TravelConnect?

The TravelConnect software suite encompasses products including accommodations, flights, transfers, activity tickets, and other features that we extend to our clients. Our product lineup includes TripOptimizer, ReadyBook, B2B Flight, and B2B Hotel.