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“Over 20 years, I have been on a mission to automate and digitize travel agencies operations, making management simpler and promoting new operators. Aiming to rejuvenate and promote the development of the travel industry, assist the travel industry to accommodate the post-pandemic new normal, and more.”

Yuku Ng

Founder and CEO of TravelConnect

TravelConnect Ecosystem

TravelConnect ecosystem enhances, extends and expands the value of travel companies. We create the most efficient, cutting-edge, cost effective travel ecosystem for the industry.

Corporate Offices

Our network of offices connect passionate innovators in cities across Asia, working together to create the next best thing for the travel industry.


Employees distributed in Asia

PCI Data Compliant

For PCI Data Security Standard v3.2.1 Classification: Service Providers

TravelConnect is PCI certified and following the rules set forth by the PCI SSC in its Data Security Standard is our top priority.

Implementing and maintaining PCI DSS compliance is crucial for travel agencies to maintain customer trust, avoid financial losses, and protect sensitive customer data from cyber-attacks and fraud.

TravelConnect Team

One of the largest travel technology provider in Asia which empowers many travel industry players around the world.

Our highly trained team is committed to deliver the highest level of service and technology solutions to help our travel industry clients succeed in their businesses.

TravelConnect was honoured to received the Hong Kong ICT Award 2021 Smart Mobility (Smart Tourism).

“TravelConnect has developed a new generation of tourism integrating system and apps, which is the first cloud tourism ERP and CRM system in Hong Kong.”

-ICT Judging Panel

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A Game-Changer for the Travel Industry

TravelConnect ties all the dots of the travel industry and empowers the travel companies by unifying and modernising existing outdated and fragmented technologies

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